To Exterminate Visible Bed Bugs

For small numbers of bed bugs (one or two)


Tape – effective on small numbers of bed bugs – just place tape on top, trap the bug, then fold the tape over on itself, sealing the bug up, and throw the tape away.

Bare hands

Crushing them typically won’t work – they are too thin.

You need to use a shearing motion (think: snapping your fingers) – this will rip them apart

For large numbers of bed bugs

Bed bug sprays

Commercial sprays

I recommend the Hot Shot Bedbug Spray.  Some people have rated it poorly on Amazon because it doesn’t work as a residual spray (you can’t spray it and hope it will kill bed bugs several hours later).  However, that’s not the point!  This spray is intended to kill bed bugs on sight – if you see them, spray this at them, and they’ll be done for.

A better rated product, but from a lesser known company is the Dead Bed Bugs Spray.

Both of these products kill bed bugs on contact, but their effectiveness wears off quickly, as I’ve said.  You cannot use these sprays as residual insecticides – if you spray them all over the ground, within hours their poisonous effects are gone and bed bugs can crawl safely over that area.

You should also be careful because these sprays could cause bed bugs to move to new locations, infesting nearby electrical outlets or the inside of bed frames for example.  Because of this, we recommend using these sprays with our DIY bed bug extermination plan, but not as a stand alone treatment plan.  With our DIY plan, the bugs may still migrate, but you will have various traps and containment processes in place, so contamination of new areas isn’t that big of deal – the bed bugs are doomed no matter where they go in your house.

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